Refreshing Your Digital Footprint

We guide you through copy, visual, and design options.  Simply join our weekly progress update calls to give your feedback and review changes! 

Most sites are completed within 2-3 months. Please schedule a free consultation for a customized price quote and timeline.

Our Web Design Process

Content & Copy

Weeks 1-4

Using your current site, we plan a new layout to optimize your inbound leads and improve user experience. We handle copy revisions (optimizing for SEO) and image gathering during this stage.


Weeks 4-6

Once the content and copy has been decided, we are then able to design the layout of your new site. This stage involves creating a mock up, revising copy, and finalizing images.


Weeks 6-8

Implementing the final changes is the fastest step of our process and includes time for your final review. We create both the web version and mobile version for your site to make sure it is optimized for search engines.